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Yesterday, I attended The Economist’s “Ideas Economy -Information Forum 2013” in San Francisco focused on “Finding Value in Big Data”.

It was an interesting event on many levels, but got off to a strange start when Ken Cukier (Economist, FT & Foreign Affairs “big data guy”) lambasted all of the NaySayers who are now poo-pooing “Big Data” as a “Big Nothing”. I have predicted this for some time given the unprecedented Hype and lack of any coherent definition (much less stable one) as to what it means, but now see this event as a watershed moment when the Big Data plot really started to spiral out of control. By the end of the day many of the panelists wondered why they were there and were taking major exception with all of the hype around them. I applaud this very much as now perhaps we can start to have an Adult discussion going forward on Information Management.

Stay tuned for further posts on this subject.