Archives For November 2012

Having survived the Year-long assault by the Big Data Hype Machine I have decided to lift my head above ground again and take on a subject that is very critical in my mind. With all of the talk about which platform to use, who’s has the most features, who is and isn’t a Data Scientist, etc., I find that few are talking about the foundation for true Analytics Success; the Organization itself. I believe that if you don’t create an Analytics-Driven Culture and then foster it with the Organizational Design that is Optimized for Success then it is game over.

Within this series I will focus on the Top-Down view of how to design your Organization for Analytics Success. Some of the key Focus Areas will include;

  • Vision, Mission & Direction
  • Organizational Design Principles
  • OCM in support of Transformation Change
  • Readiness, Core Competencies and Competitive Differentiation
  • Leadership vs Management vs Dictum
  • Achieving Quick Time-to-Value/Competitive Advantage

As I prepare the first segment in this series there is a good e-book from IBM that is worth reading; “The Five Keys to Business Analytics Program Success:”

Stay Tuned for the First Installment in this Series.