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During the month of May I wrote two articles/blogs on Privacy Engineering, along with presenting on the topic at the Software Defined Anything Symposium in London. From the feedback I have received so far there is a very strong interest in this topic and its potential impact on the future of Big Data & Analytics as a viable activity. 

For those are interested; here are links to my two articles; 

1.- Information Age – May 2014 Issue:

2.- IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub – Privacy Corner May 2014:

You can see my presentation from SDx14 on my Linked In Profile:

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I will be writing an article each month going forward in these three publications to help promote awareness and to foster action on the subjects of Privacy, Strategy & Governance. I hope that all of you will follow these conversations and add your comments wherever possible. 

1.- Information Age Magazine (UK) – “Resident Columnist”  ( )

2.- IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub – “The Privacy Corner” ( )

3.- IBM Data Magazine – “The Contrarian View” ( )

Additionally, I will be in the UK for the entire month of May and while there will be participating in two major conferences;

  • The Software Defined Everything Symposium ( ) where I will be presenting a keynote on “Privacy by Design for a Software Defined World”
  • The Chief Data Officers Summit ( ) where I will be providing “The Contrarian Viewpoint” throughout the conference. 


Vancouver – Big Data, Integration & Governance Forum

My first year as an IBM Champion for Information Management is quickly coming to an end and I could not think of a more appropriate way to cap it off then to return to Vancouver and present my viewpoints on “Strategy & Governance” to an audience of former peers and friends.

If you are going to be in the Vancouver area on March 4th, please register at the link provided and we can catch up on the day. I will be giving my presentation along with participating in a Panel Discussion and joining in the conversation at lunchtime. I am very much looking forward to this event. See you there!

I have watched with considerable interest and bemusement the feigned outrage and posturing by many segments of the population since the revelations of the NSA’s global SIGINT programs. I find it all amusing at best given how little everyone has paid attention to fact that their Privacy began eroding back in the ’80’s and has diminished to Near Zero at this point. It is hard to believe that everyone should be so upset about something that they lost (or abdicated) such a long time ago (for many, before they were even born) and yet now are just realizing it. Nonetheless, perhaps these events and all of the spleen venting that continues to go on about them will start a dialog about “The Illusion of Privacy”.

Privacy is a state of mind (like Trust) that cannot be quantified or regulated in the world that we live in today. Virtually every consumer has abdicated their Privacy Rights by signing one EULA after another with their Service & Software Providers for all of the “apps, gadgets & devices” that they require to support their daily lives. Has anyone (besides Lawyers) ever read one of these before clicking Accept? Doubtful, I imagine and if you did read it what are your options? Decline is not one of them.

In the end we all must develop more Situational Awareness. If you fall into the trap of complacency and believe that there will be no consequences to anything that you post, write or say then you are truly the fool. We should all embrace the notion of “Low Tech” Face-to-Face (F2F) communications from inside our own personal SCIF’s (Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities) aka our converted bomb shelters (for those who grew up during the Cold War). This is probably the only means of Privacy that we still have available.

Embrace the horror that we have created in our zeal for technology and for having abandoned our individual roles in checking the power and growth of Government intrusion in our daily lives.

Until next time.

Yesterday, I attended The Economist’s “Ideas Economy -Information Forum 2013” in San Francisco focused on “Finding Value in Big Data”.

It was an interesting event on many levels, but got off to a strange start when Ken Cukier (Economist, FT & Foreign Affairs “big data guy”) lambasted all of the NaySayers who are now poo-pooing “Big Data” as a “Big Nothing”. I have predicted this for some time given the unprecedented Hype and lack of any coherent definition (much less stable one) as to what it means, but now see this event as a watershed moment when the Big Data plot really started to spiral out of control. By the end of the day many of the panelists wondered why they were there and were taking major exception with all of the hype around them. I applaud this very much as now perhaps we can start to have an Adult discussion going forward on Information Management.

Stay tuned for further posts on this subject.