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May in the UK

April 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

I will be leaving for the UK on May 3rd to spend a month in London and the Scottish Highlands. I am hopeful for good weather in both locations as it has been so miserable here in Seattle this past Spring and Winter.

During my stay in London I will be participating in the following Conferences/Events:

1.- The Chief Data Officer Summit at the Kensington Close Hotel ( (held in conjunction w/ Data Today). I will be tweeting from the event representing Information Age and writing an article on the event for Information Age readers.

2.- The Software Defined Anything Symposium – SDx at the Langham Hotel ( I will be keynoting on the topic of “Privacy Engineering for a Software Defined World”. See my article in the May issue of Information Age for a preview of my comments.

3.- OVUM’s Industry Congress 2014 at the Victoria Park Plaza ( ). I will be there with my Information Age hat on and will be tweeting from seminars on Data Management & Data Governance, Digital Strategies and Others topics

4.- Insurance Strategies Perspective – Solvency II Event ( – Central LondonI will be there to hear the latest from UK/EU Thought Leaders on the Solvency II Scheme.

Additionally, I will be meeting with colleagues from the Strategic Planning Society, the Strategic Management Forum, Source for Consulting & PCG as well as a number of Business Transformation consultancies. I am looking forward to talking shop with a number of seasoned leaders and practitioners in this space of the consulting market.

Following on to my two-weeks in London are two weeks up in Scotland where I am staying at Bob Dylan’s Highland Estate, Aultmore. ( in my favorite village of Nethy Bridge (where I lived in 2006-2007). I will be climbing some Munros, visiting Glencoe and Atlantic Salmon fishing for a week on the Middle Spey at Craigellachie ( with Ghillie, Dougie Ross. This will be the highlight of my trip for sure. Stay tuned for updates and photos of all “The Springers” that I catch (and release) during my fishing.

Finally, I am going to do a detailed study on the new range of Macallan 1824 Series Single Malts ( It just happens that The Macallan distillery is across the River Spey from the Craigellachie fishing beats so…. I will report in on my study as it progresses.


Day 3 - MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Forum

MIT Researchers explain their “CDO Big Data Cube” model for the types of Chief Data Officers based on their Interviews, Survey Responses and Other Contributions.

Their core definition of the CDO is an individual who has the expertise to adequately Lead and Administrate these 4-Critical Dims:

1.- Data Quality
2.- Data Governance
3.- Data Strategy
4.- Data Architecture

While these are critical elements of what I call an “Information Management Executive” (and many are now calling Chief Data Officer), there are several others that are just as important;

5. -Executive Leadership and Administration
6.- Communications & Collaboration Excellence
7.- Political Astuteness

All of these critical capabilities manifest into the “the entire package”. Many at this week’s conference doubted the need for deep domain skills as found in points 1-4, but all believe that 5-7 were essential to success. I believe that all are required as Leadership must be demonstrated on both fronts (Business & Technical).

In my next posting I will summarize the Forum altogether and provide my viewpoint on the need for both a unified vision and definition of this critical role no matter how you refer to it.


“Data is the responsibility of the business, not IT” or alternatively “Data should be a Business Issue, not a Technical one”

One of the few consensus themes coming out of this CDO & Information Quality confab is that “The Business must rise to the occasion and assume its natural Accountabilities and Responsibilities associated with the Information (not data) it uses”. Abdicating these to IT for so many years now has resulted in the chaos and lack of strategic direction that we now must contend with. I salute this wholeheartedly. 

It has been a pleasure to see many representatives from the Business side here at the conference, many of which speaking from a voice of leadership and accountability. Unfortunately, the role of the Chief Data Officer continues to be part of the IT Organization in far too many enterprises. This must change immediately (much less shifting the focus from “data” to “Information”. I could go on about this for hours).

I will be preparing a summary of the entire Conference early next week. In the meantime continue to enjoy my snarky tweets along the way.


“Data is the re…

MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium, Cambridge, MA

On Day 1 of the CDOIQ Symposium we heard from a number of Government & Industry Leaders and Academics on the subject of “The Role & Reporting Structure of the CDO” and “How we can create as many Data Scientists in 1-year as we do MBAs”. (not quite sure that the world is ready for this, but…). Today (Day 2) we will dig into this further with Panel discussions and testimonials from current CDO’s. We will even get into some discussions on Information Quality, the never-ending challenge that has fostered much of the need for the CDO (and Data Governance Office). I will report more on this in tomorrow’s edition.