“Data is the responsibility of the business, not IT” or alternatively “Data should be a Business Issue, not a Technical one”

One of the few consensus themes coming out of this CDO & Information Quality confab is that “The Business must rise to the occasion and assume its natural Accountabilities and Responsibilities associated with the Information (not data) it uses”. Abdicating these to IT for so many years now has resulted in the chaos and lack of strategic direction that we now must contend with. I salute this wholeheartedly. 

It has been a pleasure to see many representatives from the Business side here at the conference, many of which speaking from a voice of leadership and accountability. Unfortunately, the role of the Chief Data Officer continues to be part of the IT Organization in far too many enterprises. This must change immediately (much less shifting the focus from “data” to “Information”. I could go on about this for hours).

I will be preparing a summary of the entire Conference early next week. In the meantime continue to enjoy my snarky tweets along the way.


“Data is the re…

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