A Blog designed to foster a deeper dialog with Business Executives on the subjects of Advanced Analytics, Big Data & Business Informatics regarding the tangible business benefits that can be derived from these endeavors

Welcome to my Blog for Senior Business Executives, Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Strategic Marketing Leaders, Information Governance Officers and Enterprise Risk Execs.

Over the course of 2012 I will be writing weekly/daily on critical issues and opportunities that senior executives must take into account as they plan initiatives around Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Business Informatics. My approach will always be to help guide and mentor business-focused decision makers (and influencers) to develop fully informed strategies in respect to “how do I create sustainable sources of competitive advantage from these technologies and disciplines’ in the most efficient and timely fashion possible. For far too long now the business has relied exclusively on the IT organization to define, develop and deliver analytics & information resources with little involvement (much less leadership) from the business. This has created continuous cycles of disappointment and finger pointing. In my Blog I will drive the conversation towards the needs and responsibilities of business leaders in regards to taking ownership and accountability for the successful and timely delivery of the strategic outcomes that justified the overall investment.

Stay tuned for my first installment.



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