The Eight CEO’s featured in my “Profiles in Data Leadership” Series

June 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

In my January column for Information Age I proffered that 2015 should be known as “The Year in Data Leadership” ( This was based on my strong conviction that Leadership from the Top Down was the only way to see data, information & analytics become true core competencies for an organization where the entire culture was focused on their exploitation for competitive advantage.

Following on to that theme I began to develop a series of posts & presentations entitled “Profiles in Data Leadership” ( The concept is loosely based on JFK’s book, “Profiles in Leadership” which he wrote in the 50’s when I was a schoolchild. My approach focuses on Eight CEO’s from the Public, Private & Not for Profit Sectors who exemplify what I characterize in my  “Data Leadership Nexus” strategic framework in respect to leading their Organizations as they endeavor to become a Predictive Enterprise (

Additionally, in the May 2015 issue of Information Age ( i wrote about two of these CEO’s (Jim Smith of Thomson-Reuters and Brian Cornell of Target Corporation) as well as speaking about them, along with Martin O’Malley (Former Governor of MD) at the PASSBAC conference (

In this posting, I would like to identify all Eight CEO’s who will be featured in the overall series (and potential publication), along with providing a short bio on each. They represent true Top-down Data Leaders from the three major Sectors and their Official Bios can be found via the links next to their title. I will be dedicating a blog posting to each one of them in the coming days.

Public Sector (aka Government)

Martin O’Malley – 2016 Presidential Candidate & Former Governor, State of Maryland (

Barack Obama – 44th President of the United States (

Private Sector (aka Corporate) 

Jim Smith, CEO – Thomson Reuters (

Brian Cornell, CEO – Target Corporation (

Alistair Currie, COO – ANZ Bank (

Glenn Renwick, Chairman, CEO & President – Progressive Insurance (

Not for Profit Sector (aka NGO)

Michael Bloomberg, CEO, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Former Mayor of New York City (

Rebecca W. Rimel, President/CEO – Pew Charitable Trusts (

Enjoy the Series! 

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