Data Privacy Day 2015

January 26, 2015 — 2 Comments

I have written two articles for this year’s Data Privacy Day (#DPD15) endeavors . One will be published in the February issue of Information Age ( and is online now (see link below) & the other is on the IBM Big Data Hub ( going live on January 28th as a feature on DPD. I encourage all of you to visit these sites;

Information Age: “Personal Privacy, Internet Commerce and National Security: Can they co-exist?” (

IBM Big Data Hub: “Some Thoughts for Privacy Day 2015” (

2015 is going to be a critical year in determining the future of Personal Privacy in all respects e.g. Protecting Students Privacy, Reigning in Data Brokers, Thwarting Cyber Attacks, Curtailing Government Surveillance and Snooping, a Refresh of the EU Data Protection Act, President Obama’s “Privacy Bill of Rights”, etc. I believe that it is essential that everyone take an agressive role in managing and protecting their Privacy, along with that of their family members. 

Remember that Privacy is a basic Human Right in many parts of the world and a Civil Liberty in the US. It can only be maintained, much less reinforced if you take an active role in not only protecting your own, but those around you, especially your children.

(Image courtesy of the Online Trust Alliance)

2 responses to Data Privacy Day 2015


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    Here come the IBM experts! Here’s one our PASS BA Conference speakers, Richard Lee, sharing his expertise on the topic of data privacy. Richard is a well-respected influencer and strategist in data leadership, and we are delighted to have him join us at the event. Richard Lee is on of IBM’s Honours list as a Big Data and Analytics Hero, as well as on of their Champions.

    Richard joins another IBM superstar, James Kobielus, who will be talking about Big Data. James G Kobielus is an industry veteran. He serves as IBM’s big data evangelist; as senior program director for product marketing in big data analytics, and as editor-in-chief of IBM Data Magazine. Kobielus spearheads IBM’s thought leadership activities in Big Data, Hadoop, cognitive computing, enterprise data warehousing, and advanced analytics. Basically, he is an expert in a variety of facets of big data.

    Personally I cannot wait for their sessions. I’ve admired their work from afar and when we were selecting speakers, they went straight onto my wishlist. I have been lucky enough to meet Richard in person recently and we had a great conversation. I’m looking forward to meeting James as well; we’ve spoken on the phone. I learned things from conversing with both of them, and I’m sure that attendees will gain inspirational and practical advice from both of them.

    Richard’s session is here: and James’ session is here:

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