Key Themes for Information Governance Success: “Adapt, Leverage & Embed”. Adapt to meet the relevant needs of the Organization. Leverage key elements of the Organizations Culture to create opportunities. Embed yourself in every major undertaking within reach.

I am presenting at this year’s DGIQ with my client, SRP. Our presentation is on Wednesday, June 19th from 11:00 – 11:50. Stop by to hear a most interesting perspective on Information Governance Operationalization.

Title: Forget the Theory and What the so-called Experts have to say – How you can Operationalize Information Governance in your Enterprise 
Greg Whicker, Director, Business Service Management, Salt River Project
Madison Prince, Organizational Change Analyst, Salt River Project
Richard Lee, Managing Partner, IMECS, LLC

Overview: Far too many organizations are attempting to take a Prescriptive or Best Practices-based approach to operationalizing Info Gov in the enterprises. We will proffer that “The critical path to success is one that requires an Adaptive Model, which leverages the Governance Structure, Culture and Business Model of your Enterprise to create an environment where Info Governance is embraced by everyone based on the culture belief that that Information is an Asset (top down & bottoms up)”.

Key points we will emphasize during our presentation:

  • The entire organization must come to believe that “Information truly is an Asset”
  • Cultural Adoption based on the use of effective Communications and OCM Techniques is critical to success
  • Advocacy by Executive Leaders is essential to business buy-in and ownership
  • Information Governance Processes and Messaging must be “baked in” to every activity
  • Technology is not a critical enabler to success; Cultural Adoption is.

“Adapt, Leverag…

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